My First 9"×12" Watercolor Mounted on Canvas:

Well, my idea was that by painting on a smaller format, I might be able to accomplish a Painting A Day, which I have always admired!

Dream on, right?
First of all, this image is too dark and does not do painting justice. That said, I just cannot say that I really enjoyed the process of painting as I normally would. That right there will stop me from painting further pieces of this size. Of course, to be fair, I had already stretched and mounted the paper here onto Gallery Wrapped Canvas, which made a difference in size right off of the bat! But found that the size made selective glazing more difficult as well, and may have been trying to make up for lack of size by adding way too much information.

So, it does seem that 12"×12" will be as small as I go. Now, need to work on being able to paint one of these in the space of one day. Will not included mounting time in there however, which will help.

9"×12" Watercolor on Paper Mounted onto Canvas.


Sniffles and Smiles said...

Hello, Vera...I think this may be my first time to comment...although I've been following you for a while. But I've gathered my courage (I'm in awe of your talent), and will comment here because I think you are being way TOO modest! This is a gorgeous image...spectacular! And so well done! Watercolor is so extremely difficult, and you have captured such exquisite detail here...The colors are rich...and the composition complex...It's a winner! I love it! ~Janine XO

Vera Dennen said...

Wow Janine, do not why it took courage for you to post a comment but I am so happy you did. Must say you have succeeded in bowling me over! Yes, watercolor is very unpredictable, which is exactly why I love it! I do not see your link in my 'Followers' on the right side of blog. Please place it there so that others may look you up and perhaps 'Follow' you as well. Are you an artist?

Vera Dennen said...

Yes you are an artist! Acrylic, right? Found your Gallery, and enjoyed viewing your very inventive and dirverse blog, as well, and added my name to your follers.

Are we peeps on FB as well, right?

dellartist said...

Vera, I love the colors in this, as well as the composition. It looks perfect to me. But I can hear your frustration and I know that you are feeling out of your comfort zone. I know that feeling. I tried the painting a day thing a few years ago when a friend sent me a newspaper article about the idea and challenged to try it. It just didn't fit the way I worked, no matter how tiny the paintings were. I agree with you, if you don't enjoy the process, that would stop it for me, too. But I do enjoy your painting, even if you didn't enjoy painting it. You have a beautiful piece there!

Vera Dennen said...

Thank you as well Della, and I do appreciate your comment. Makes it easier for me to stop with no smaller than 12x12, and for me, that was pushing it! ☺

Sniffles and Smiles said...

I'm in purple on your follower widget about 4 people back...use a different photo from this one...Just wanted to thank you with all my heart for following me...and to wish you a WONDERFUL 4th of July weekend!! Love, Janine XO

Vera Dennen said...

OH, thank you for telling me Janine. Love your writing. Purchased a new computer July 3rd, so spent yesterday setting it up! Crazy fast!!!