Texas Girl Paints Her Texas Sunflower's:

"Texas Sunflower plein air painting in my yard today!"

Just had to share this one with everyone, as most of you know that I paint lots of Sunflower's as well. This is a Texas girl's idea of plein air painting, can you believe it? Her name is Nancy Medina, and for the nor-artists among you, plein air painting means painting outside, or right on site, as in landscapes. But this is taking it to the um-tee-nth degree, I'd say for sure!

Way to go Nancy! Hat's off to plein air!


Nancy Medina said...

Hey Vera! thanks for posting my picture, you can tell I am an artist who likes to live dangerously!!! hugs!

Vera Dennen said...

Next we will see you hanging from somewhere trying to paint really tall flowering trees! ☺