Stretching A Watercolor Painting -- Part 1

This set of Instructions for Stretching a Watercolor Painting onto Gallery Wrapped Canvas has been moved to my website: www.veradennenstudio.com

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24"x30" Watercolor Stretched like Oil. . .

This Watercolor is painted on 140 lb. Cold Press Archers Watercolor Paper stretched in normal way, i.e. flat, stapled around edges to a flat board. I have left at least 1.5" around each side of planned painting size in order to compensate for the 7/8" deep sides after mounting. I Paint first, especially in these larger size paintings for two reasons, as mentioned in yesterdays entry: to prevent buckling later, and to mount only finished paintings that I like.

"Last Blossoms Of Summer"
24" x 30" Varnished Watercolor -- Ready to Hang.

Here are two side photos of the painting showing how edge wraps around all sides. Their are no staples in the Watercolor Paper itself.
The staples showing on very back of stretcher frame are actually in canvas, which has been stretched over stretcher bars first, and now lends strength and stability to the Watercolor Painting itself.

Next I will post step by step mounting process of paper over canvas for precision stretching each time.


Further progress on one 12"x12" . . . .

Almost finished on this 12"x12" sample and will be ready to mount for hanging. Two reasons I painted prior to mounting onto stretcher bars: one-can stretch paper this way so there will not be any buckling later on. And two, in case the painting is not one which I would consider successful enough to mount for hanging. In fact, if this particular painting were not being completed for this purpose as a sample, I would not finish it now. Am just not that crazy about this effort.


One Day Left To Bid . . .

Last day to bid on this 24x30, NO RESERVE Original Painting for $45.00!!!! Believe me, this is a steal!!! Free Shipping to boot. . .

Going Harder . . .

Work on large stretched Watercolor going harder than 12x12. This one is 24x30, and is going to look so beautiful stretched and color so vivid, I can't wait myself to see finished work. But will be couple days yet before it is finshed, longer sides more difficult to work with.

Unfinished #1
Have two more 12x12 almost finished being painted and ready for stretching. I have never ever, ever worked this small before, but am having a ball doing these for 12x12finished size. Maybe shoot for even smaller before long, just to give it a try. Now, that was a maybe, so don't hold me to it!!!

Unfinished #2 Morning sun streaking across my old beat-up stretching boards is kind-of neat. At least this morning is brighter than it has been of late.


Stretch Watercolor Paper? Yep, The Real Thing!

Oh, I know there are ways to paint with Watercolor on Canvas that already out there, and some is very nice to work with indeed. However, just have not been able to use Watercolor as I can by painting on paper! Was never quite satisfied with the end product as a result. So, have been working on being able to stretch Watercolor Paper like canvas for quite some time: this is my very first totally successful Watercolor Canvas!!!!!

Yep, 140 lb. Arches Cold Pressed Watercolor Paper stretched like canvas. Will be interested in what you think.

I had not painted my painting quite wide enough for this 12"x12" stretched, which left the thin white edge on each side. Will have a large Painting finished in a few days. Will post it after stretching as well.


Love this Painting over-all, even though I spent far too much time working on it for what was involved. Was not the paintings fault, however, had taken on too many tasks for working time allowed! So, now it's on eBay for low, lower, lowest Auction! Large, really great Original Painting . . . worth taking a look.

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Low, Lower, Lowest!!!

Really getting carried away with prices on eBay, trying to clean out some of growing stock of Paintings. Problem is, I continue to paint, even in this lagging economy when Paintings have not been moving out. Low prices on starting bids, with NO RESERVE auctions! Worth checking out. FREE shipping as well . . .

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