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(where you can read all of the questions and answers, as well as follow my progress of learning to paint in Oils)

Answering a Question from Jane Freeman:
Q: Do you have Jane Jones book?

A: Yes Ma'am I do, as does Doris, which is why she asked me to post these progressive steps as I go. Plus there is a wonderful story that goes along with the purchase of this book, if anyone would care to read it. Had just picked up any old book off of the bookrack to begin with that had Oil on the cover, in order to page through for what type of supplies I would need. Only wanted to begin trying Oils for myself. I just had not found any example of what I was hoping to do, so thought I would try figuring my way through. Anyway, as I read a paragraph or two, she was talking about luminous colors, transparent and opaque, building by layers and all of the things that I had always loved watercolor for! I could not put it down.

So I bought the book rather then any supplies and just went home where I read that book cover to cover, twice! By that time I was so excited and impressed with what I had just read, I emailed her to tell her that not since Arleta Pech had a book touched me so deeply. And you know what? She emailed me right back to ask if I had known that Arleta Pech, whom Jane Jones calls the Godmother of her book project, had not only talked her into writing the book to begin with but guided her all the way through!!! Can you believe that? I was bowled over!

Since then I have asked her a question of two, but her book is so complete that before she can answer me back I have dug out the answer for myself, and email to tell her that I had it! She says, "but I just got your first email! A really wonderfully nice ladydy, who I try not to bother too much because I know she is terribly busy.

Anyway, that is my story and I'm sticking to it!! As far as I am concerned it was the hand of the Lord that placed my hand on that book and caused me to begin reading . . .

Oop's! Just wrote another blog!