Relisted On Ebay -- Love This Painting --

Have had so many comments on this Painting, folks seem to really like it, especially when they have seen it in person. However, it has not sold as yet, in spite of a low, low Auction price on eBay. No Reserve Auction, no less!

Why Art?

Art is not an extravagance or an indulgence. Art is an expression of mankind, and therefore a necessity. It can be spectacular or commonplace - from the earliest markings on cave walls by ancient cultures to the glorifying forms of the Italian renaissance - even the so-called "graffiti" defiantly left for public vie...w. All is based on man's driving need to create and leave a record of being....... anonymous


New Painting Venture --

My daughter, Veronica, has been talking about joining me on Painting venture for awhile now, and has taken her first step.

This is so cool, "Collage" over executed oil painting! Add's totally new sense of depth. This group will be branded as "by V&V".

And a couple of close-ups (click to enlarge). SOLD