Finished Watercolor Mounted On Canvas: "Lillies & Cups"

This Still Life has been a great deal of fun to complete, actually much to my own surprise! This is not where I had intended to go at all! Just shows you where the Painting itself can lead if you are alert enough to follow.

I had intended a clear vase, with lots more foliage going on in negative painting. This background was intended as the first layer for more glazes to follow. However, with a little help from my friends, the Painting spoke to me, leading in a very different direction. Have to admit, I was almost too stubborn to listen.  

Am simply not used to so few areas focus competing for attention in one of my pieces, with so much quiet space overall. But also must admit that I do like this work quite a lot.

"LILLIE'S & CUPS" Watercolor
18"X24"X3/4" Gallery Wrapped Canvas



dellartist said...

Woo! I really love this! Stunning colors and beautiful composition. And thanks for describing the process. It is always interesting to see the evolution of a work of art.

Vera Dennen said...

Della, thanks to you and other artist friends, I ended up not think myself too crazy for thinking that I'd found my Painting so early in the process. Something very different for my work, that's for sure!

V Bridges Hoyt said...

Vera, I like it very much also! You sound as thought you are enjoying the process.

Vera Dennen said...

Well I did. I mean, what's to lose but a piece of paper. Even then, I can gesso over it and use again! LOL!

Billie Crain said...

Vera, your paintings always cheer me up.:) I'm a big fan of using complimentary colors together. They give a painting energy.

Btw, how do you get those angle shots of your canvases? PSP or are you just a good photographer? I like to see the outside edges of the gallery wraps.

Vera Dennen said...

Billie, what a sweet thing to say! Am glad they cheer you. I am a decent photographer Billie, but even a better graphic artist! ☺