Things Are Going Well!!

Guess I may have 'sold out', that is according to some artists! But, quite frankly I got very tired of the expense, time, etc. associated with the 'usual', 'accepted', rounds of shows, mailing off paintings, etc., it would take to be an 'accepted' artist. Do you have any idea how expensive it is to ship a large painting? Especially a Watercolor framed behind glass?? Not cheap I can tell you, plus they weight a ton. Than, even if they win an award, if they don't sell as well, you have return shipping to pay all over again . . .

Enough . . .

Ebay is there, you do not have to ship until the painting has sold!!! Every painting seen right now through-out this blog has SOLD on eBay. Not for the money I could have made through a Gallery, or through a Nationally known Art Show, but, it did not cost me fortune to personally attend such a show either, nor trust a Gallery to actually sell pieces entrusted into their care, then end up having to ship it back anyway!

OK, I have blathered on long enough. On to the fun stuff . . .

These thumbnails are how I am linking prints to one another on eBay.

Each is a link to their own page. Now, these are prints from full sized paintings, which I handle myself (up to and including the printing) I am very proud of the quality I have been able to supply with my wide-format Epson Printer. But printing your own is not for the faint of heart either. One cartridge of Pigmented Ink costs right at $102.00, and eight are needed for the full set.

So, any way one turns, as an artist life is not easy, nor inexpensive. It take lots of work and financial outlay to become and stay established in the field. It's a matter of 'pick your poison' and forge your own path, and then hope your efforts are appreciated my those for whom you paint.

Hey, I'm having fun, so sue me . . . I've been a bad, bad, artist. LOL!!