Water Soluble Oils . . .can you believe it????

Why so long between posts? Good question, have been asking myself that very question for quite some time. Is it that I don't 'like' to share? Nope, not at all. In fact, when it comes to my art most are hard pressed to keep me from it. Lol! Is it that I just don't have the time? Probably closer to the truth, although, if I weren't so long winded that would help too.

Anyway, I will pledge here and now to do better. Try to do better maybe? No, diffinitely to do better, for sure. . . Promise!

So, what I have been up to is still Oils, more specifically the Water Soluble Oils to be exact. Yep, finally realized that what was holding me back with Oils was not the chemical fumes, length of drying time, or need to stretch canvas. What was holding me back from advancing further and enjoying my work more while working with Oil boils down to one simple fact; I am a Water-colorist, pure and simple. And along with this realization, logic would then dictate that I try Water Soluble Oils, right?

Well, I am here to tell you that this took some doing. #1, I have not been working in Oil long enough just yet to know all of the in's and out's of Traditional Oil, let alone a medium so seemingly contradictory all by itself as "Water" and "Oil" naturally are. So, there goes my time right there. . . right? Experiment, play, experiment some more. . . get the picture. Finally I got smart and asked an artist friend who regularly works in oil for some advice.

Now here I go, getting long winded again. Let me just show you a couple of Paintings I am proudest of at the moment-- One is at the top of this post, named "Sunflower Pot". What else? The second is Sunflowers as well--

So there you go. . . two Oil Paintings, and both done with Water Soluble Oil. And I totally enjoyed painting both.

Both of these Paintings have Sold.