Our, "Oh no Charley Brown," Thanksgiving moment!

We had invited some foreign students from University campus to our home for "A Traditional American Dinner," right? 2 from China and 1 from Rwanda. These are not exchange students in usual sense, as they do not have a sponsoring American family already, so unless they have made some friends, are mostly alone on campus during a holiday. Well, we had already had our own family Thanksgiving dinner earlier in day, with table full of people for that one for sure, but plenty of food, as we had roasted 2 turkeys, and had all of the trimmings! Right? The only hitch was that we had already carved them both as well. Carved in the kitchen, and for expedience sake more than anything else!

Well, loan and behold, the first thing our lovely little Chinese girl said after she arrived was, "Oh wow, can't wait to see that Turkey! Have heard so much about them!"

You can just imagine our faces as we had to explain that the "Traditional American Turkey" had already been carved!