Veronica Strikes Again: BLOCK PARTY

2 Canvas Acrylic: 36"x24"x3/4" & 18"x24"3/4"


When this girl of mine paints a winner it really comes across strong. I am loving these coming from Veronica's Pool House Studio . . . maybe it's the sound of lapping water that so inspires her! LOL! I know that I still miss the sound of lapping waves in early morning. Got so spoiled living on either coast (and I do mean 'right on' either coast), nothing like the sounds of surf when just waking up.

Anyway, we are placing this one on eBay as well, and really do not expect it to be there very long at all. Unless I really, really miss my guess, it should be gone in first 10 days of offering! Will be interesting to watch anyway . . .


Billie Crain said...

I immediately thought of fireworks and confetti when I saw this so it's well named. Well painted, too! I'm sure it'll be a quick sell.:)

Vera Dennen said...

Thanks Billie, Veronica's husband actually named it! Looks even better in person.