Collaboration between V & V: "Red Moon Rising"

"Red Moon Rising" 3 canvas 18"x 24" each


The very first collaboration between the two V's! What fun this has been. I had painted the blossom's and tree, but the painting seemed to lack 'punch! On a whim I passed it on to my daughter, Veronica, saying ". . . try your hand at saving it!" Which she did! And quite beautifully as well, I might add.

Not too bad having realism in painting and a flare for the abstract living under one roof. Plus, Veronica's husband, Cory, has become quite the one for coming up with innovative names!


Billie Crain said...

This triptych(sp?)is gorgeous, Vera! I really like the gold scrolling at the bottom. It adds that special 'somethin'.

Vera Dennen said...

Thank you Billie, this collaboration thing isn't half bad. . . Has surprised even me!