Thank You To EBSQ: Blogger Of The Week

EBSQ Blogger of the Week: Vera Dennen

Wish to thank Amanda Makepeace of EBSQ for nice words and for making me their BLOGGER OF THE WEEK. Love this Artists Group for their open arms to art and artists of every media, diverse subject matter, and willingness to show outlets where art being shown might be purchased. They allow links to an artists own web site, ebay stores, imagekind, etsy, etc., which is very unusual for most sites to promote. Their Artists Blogs are also fun reads, as well as full of unique and interesting art work.

So thanks againg to EBSQ and Editor Amanda Makepeace for picking me:


dellartist said...

Congratulations, Vera! I am sure it is a well-deserved award. Keep up the good work

Another Daydreamer said...

You're very welcome Vera! I just love your watercolors. I'm so happy we were able to introduce many more to your beautiful artworks. :)

~ Amanda