Going Harder . . .

Work on large stretched Watercolor going harder than 12x12. This one is 24x30, and is going to look so beautiful stretched and color so vivid, I can't wait myself to see finished work. But will be couple days yet before it is finshed, longer sides more difficult to work with.

Unfinished #1
Have two more 12x12 almost finished being painted and ready for stretching. I have never ever, ever worked this small before, but am having a ball doing these for 12x12finished size. Maybe shoot for even smaller before long, just to give it a try. Now, that was a maybe, so don't hold me to it!!!

Unfinished #2 Morning sun streaking across my old beat-up stretching boards is kind-of neat. At least this morning is brighter than it has been of late.

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