Fun New Painting

Still busy, busy as always, but these days I have so many different medium to choose from, hardly know what to work with each day. Sometimes I have several paintings going in several mediums at once.

This is one of the newest. It is actually in Acrylic (the other Watercolor) on canvas, but painted in Watercolor stylings. Check this out:

"Wild Lilac" 18"x27" Acrylic on 3/4 deep Gallery Wrapped Canvas.

I love the wild, wind swept feeling of this Painting, especially within the Sunflowers.


Kathleen said...

Nice! I love sunflowers =)

Vera Dennen said...

It's a little embarrassing that this blog is almost a year old with no new listing. Sorry about that, but take a glace at my web site, veradennenstudio.com and will see that I haven't been slacking off! LOL!