Installment#5: THE WONDER OF BEING


"TUCO"--ENDANGERED SPECIES SERIES 22"x33" original Watercolor by Vera Dennen on display at EIGHTEENTH INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION ON ANIMALS IN ART, Baton Rouge, LA, March 19 thru April 17, 2005.

I met a newfound friend last evening who was both thrilling and refreshingly calming at the same time. Not only was his ability to converse far above any standards I have found recently available face to face, but also with a depth and sheer variety of wisdom always difficult to find in any one person. During the course of the evening he mentioned his favorite quotation, which happened to be made by the late Abraham Heschel (1945 to 1972), Rabbi, Professor of Ethics and Mysticism, author (A Passion for Truth written during the last few months of his life, among many other books), peace Activists (marching with Dr. Martin Luther King), co-chairman of Clergy who spearheaded opposition to the Vietnam war, and voice of the times.
Indifference to the wonder of being is the root of all sin.”

Oh that Heschel were alive today! I wonder what his reaction to the Terri Schiavo case would have been, or what he would have said to the fact that man is rapidly forcing half of our planets animal species into extinction. Heschel would not have sat quietly by just letting this happen.

True, Abraham Heschel had the ear of Presidents, Senators, and people of power, while we, the masses have only ourselves and maybe the ear of one or two friends willing to put up with our soap box. Well I for one have realized that Art has been my Calling for a reason, and that reason is as a small voice, hopefully loudly spoken about the “richness and beauty of something outside of ourselves.” In other words, “the wonder of being.”

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    DominicM said...

    Like that quote , never heard it before, how true it is...

    Sharon Himes said...

    Your work and words are most inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

    Sharon Steere said...

    Vera, I love you art! And that coming from a fellow artist! Your switch to acrylic looks effortless! I love that medium as well. I enjoy reading your blog. Keep up the creativity! I've also enjoyed reading your comments in the community section of ebay. It is a very helpful site for us artists. Take Care. Sharon Steere