Next Installment: CAN YOU EVEN SEE?


"EVIE AT EASTER"--lithograph print w/ graphic border (commissioned watercolor 24"x27")

Oh yeah, I know, everyone thinks of art as something one just throws together, while staying as far away from any “real” work as they can! Right. The truth is that in order to paint you first have to draw . . . and in order to draw you must learn to see. But that is all presupposed by the hope that you have any innate talent at all somewhere rolling around in your genes. And do you know the real kicker? “Art” picks you first . . .not the other way around! In other words, you don’t just “decide” one fine day that you’ll be an artist . . . then off you go to magically draw, paint, and/or sculpt!

It’s just not that simple.

First you must meet a Muse, or at least be introduced, and in some cases (mine, for instance), your Muse may even have to chase you down and beat you up pretty good before some of the thicker skulls among us begin getting the message. And that message is simple, all it really consists of is the total knowledge that Art has now picked you, Mr. or Ms. or even Mrs. so-and-so to become its latest victim . . . uh, I mean target . . . ohhhh, you know what I mean!!! From that point on the future is out of your hands, Art has gotten into your blood, now you must create it to live.


Andy M. said...

Looks good, Auntie Vera!
I mowed grass for awhile and just got back from the Dairy Queen. Those Caramel MooLattes are addicting!

Hoyt said...

This is great! I will be reading it regularly and you'd better be posting daily because I can tell already that it will be addictive.

Special Interest Automobiles said...
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